• Time-Tree is used in more than 20 tracks in Europe
  • Every year there is a Time-Tree academy held in Stockholm/Sweden

Buy Time-Tree

Are you in need of a timekeeping system for Drag racing, then you have found the right place.
We manufacture and sell Time-Tree, the complete timing for Drag Racing.
* Time-Tree handles all classes and is built with the reliability, simplicity and cost effectiveness.
* Probably the world's best timing system, ever!

* Time-Tree measures as follows: Time: Reaction time, 60-fot, 100, 201, 301 and 402m
(RT, 60, 330, 660, 1000 and 1320 feet)
Speed: 100, 201, 301 and 402m

All the software is based on Microsoft's latest technology, SQL and Windows 7/10

Price list TimeTree 2019 Coming soon
TimeTree / System  
TimeTree / System Box 6.0  
New! TimeTree / System Box 7.0 incl. AS  
Power supply cable TimeTree  
Cable RS 232 PC-TimeTree  
Cable to F-display 2 m  
Autostart (incl. SW)  
Christmas Tree  
TimeTree Pro (two side)  
TimeTree Standard (one side)  
Tree-foot, collapsible whit wheels  
Lamp 80w Amber  
Lamp 80w Green  
Lamp 80w Red  
Lamp Pre/stage  
Lamp LED Blue (DeepStage)  
Infrared Photo Sensors  
Photo sensor compl. incl holder and cable 10 m (200/400m)  
Photo sensor compl. incl holder and cable 20 m (60-fot)  
Photo sensor compl. "start" (3 - PS, S and Guard)  
Photo sensor  
Holder photo sensor standard (100, 200,300 and 400m)  
Holder photo sensor 60-foot  
Holder photo sensor start   
Cable 10 meter photo sensor (XLR--M12)  
Contact XLR  
Silver Reflectors 80x80  
Holder reflectors (60-foot, 100, 200, 300 and 400m)  
Condom orange glow too holder  
Holder reflectors 60-foot  
Holder reflectors "start"  
Rubber foot to holder reflectors  
Junction box etc.  
Junction box finish speed/time (400m) incl. Win/BO  
Junction box finish speed/time (100, 200 and 400m)  
Junction box 60-foot / 100m   
Junction box Tree incl. cable  
Win. ind / Orange  
BreakOut ind / Red  
Win/BO ramp LED  
Startbutton (stainless and 5m cable)  
Cable 20x2x0,5 Elaqby/Elaky  
Cable 10x2x0,5 Elaqby/Elaky  
Cable 4x2x0,5 Elaqby/Elaky  
Cabling CPC 24-pole Fmale (Tree-cable)  
Connectors CPC 24-pole Male (Tree)  
Cabling CPC 37-pole Fmale (Photocell)  
Connectors CPC 37-pole Male (Photocell)  
Pins too CPC  
Terminal block  
Housing incl. bend protection  
Kamströmställare 40-pol  
Kopplingslåda till kamströmställare  
ScBo LED 1 m high (402m) 4 digits per plate (4 st)  
ScBo LED 1 m high (402m) 5 digits per plate (4 st)  
Scoreboard mechanical 4 digits Time/Speed x 2  
Smal Scoreboard on Tree (Index)  
Modem to scoreboard  
Cable between PC - Modem  
Cable between Modem -Scoreboard  
Timeslip priter  
Timeslip printer Star  
Roll of paper to printer  
Touch screen 17"  
Software TimeTree  
TimeTree Software Basic module  
Software speaker  
Software Public App  
Software Liveresults /Timeslip  
Software Timeslip ATM  
Software qualifying-ATM  
Software Web publishing  
Software imports drivers from Excel  
Software web application (dragracing.eu)  
Software Secretariat on the track / entry  
Software inspection at the track  
Statistical Software  
Software Weather Station / Timeslip  
Software Broadcast Net / camera control